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What is great service?

What is great service?

20 december 2015 21:21

The reason for writing this note was the question I asked a friend the other day: "What makes people change their principles?" ... To be honest, at that moment she caught me, because at first glance, seemed philosophical question. However, I tried to sort out and took as an example a case that occurred in our hostel.

Once we came to a very interesting guest from Saratov, named Alex. Pleasant conversation over a cup of tea, it turned out that most of the time Alex carries on business trips, a lot of traveling to Russia. Our guest turned out to be really interesting to talk to, since behind him - really rich travel experience. Then, during a conversation, Alex shared his iron principle: never stay in the same place twice. This principle, according to the guest, is associated with a thrust to the new: "I always choose a different place, because I want to try as much as possible, so exciting to live!". Unable to disagree with this phrase, I added, "especially when you consider that we live once." We talked for over two hours and did not notice how time flew. Leaving, Alesya thank our team for their hospitality and wished great success, but finally said, "I have really enjoyed it, but we are unlikely to meet again, but if by chance, I'll be happy."

I imagine my surprise when, two weeks later, I again met Alexey in our hostel! And not just so, and with a happy smile on his face. It was really a very pleasant surprise. Alex admitted that our hospitality will not allow him to choose another hotel. Such visitors are inspired and prove that everything we do - for good reason. "If we change the established principles of guests, then we are capable of changing the world," I thought then ...

What makes people change their principles? Probably, the reasons are different.
But now I know for sure that in our case, all the fault of the excellent service!

Author: Anastasia Pertseva

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