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The public offer for sale of hotel services.


LLC "Art Hotel Group", hereinafter referred to as "Contractor", enters into this Agreement with any person, hereinafter referred to as "Customer". This Agreement is a contract of services concluded by public offer, and regulates the provision of services and obligations arising in connection with this between the Contractor and the Client. The text of this Agreement available on the Internet at http://arthostels.ru/offer/


2.1. The subject of this offer is to book and selling hotel services to the Customer under the terms of this Offer and in accordance with the tariff plan, published on the website http://arthostels.ru/offer/


3.1. The customer is entitled to

3.1.1. To issue an order for a reservation of hotel services using the Internet, on the phone and call other methods on http://arthostels.ru The Customer acknowledges that in the case of the Contractor's service, he fully and unreservedly accepts the terms of the Offer, regardless of the manner in which the order was made.

3.1.2. To refuse the order or change the order only after consultation with the Contractor in writing.

3.1.3. Select the method of payment for the order of the proposed site

3.1.4. Independently verify the order data in the booking confirmation or application before booking hotel services. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and legitimacy of the use of the data used to them when ordering.

3.2. Contractor is entitled to

3.2.1. Require the customer to stick to comply with all procedures and order booking of hotel services strictly according to the rules set forth on the website http://arthostels.ru/rules/ in this Offer. Whatever action is performed Customer, the Contractor is responsible for the proper execution of actions and procedures only committed to full compliance with these rules.

3.2.2. Require the customer full agreement with the terms of the Offer. Without the agreement with the terms of the offer to refuse to provide services to the Customer.

3.2.3. Hold to the Customer or to require payment of the full cost of the fines (the cost of the first night in a hotel or the cost of the entire amount of the stay) in accordance with the conditions specified in the order, in the event of changes, to withdraw the order or no-show at the hotel. The Customer acknowledges the steps the Contractor entirely legitimate and has no complaints.

3.2.4. Disable and enable the service to carry out preventive work on the server and other equipment used in the provision of services at a convenient time.

3.2.5. Provide the Customer with information about hotels, terms and conditions of living in them, and the methods of payment. In the case of payment orders via the payment terminal to provide the Customer with information on the amount of the payment agreed with the payment systems involved in the process of booking hotel services.

3.2.6. Demand from the customer payment for the first night or the full cost of the work order, depending on the hotel reservation.

3.2.7. Use of third parties to accept payments for services.

3.2.8. In exceptional cases, to replace hotel room, confirmed earlier in the rooms of the same or higher category without additional charge.

3.3. The customer is obliged

3.3.1. To agree to the terms of the Offer.

3.3.2. Do not proceed to checkout not previously acquainted with the rules of accommodation in hotels of the Contractor. If the customer has begun to checkout, the Contractor shall be entitled to assume that the customer is fully read and agree to the terms of the Offer.

3.3.3. Specify date contact information when registering and ordering (name telephone number, e-mail).

3.3.4. Specify when ordering and check the correctness of all data required for ordering. In the event that the Customer has refused to provide the necessary data, the Contractor shall have the right to refuse the order.

3.3.5. Pay the full cost of the first day of the order or the full amount of the whole by the methods of payment, on the site http://arthostels.ru/ and within the time specified by the Contractor during the checkout process.

3.3.6.V case of payment of the order by credit card over the Internet using only a credit card owned by the customer. In order to avoid fraud Artist checks and payment to resolve potential issues associated with any customer. If the Customer is unavailable or the matter remains unresolved, the Contractor reserves the right to cancel the order and return the cash to the bank card of its owner.

3.3.7. In case of cancellation of the order (canceled) promptly notify the Contractor at 8-343-382-90-90 (with the further provision of written confirmation e arthostels@mail.ru). Cancellation is considered accepted on the date the Contractor receives written confirmation of the cancellation.

3.4. Contractor is obliged to

3.4.1. Provide customers with the necessary information and instructions for ordering. Exhaustive information is considered to be the information that Contractor publishes online http://arthostels.ru/

3.4.2. Provide the Customer with information about the hotels and methods of payment. Exhaustive information is considered information provided by the hotels and agreed with them.

3.4.3. Not later than 3 working days from receipt of order to confirm the possibility of the Customer of hotel services with their cost.

3.4.4. In case of failure by the Customer to the booking conditions, inform the customer and suggest alternative booking conditions.

3.4.5. Take fees from the customer (including through third parties) after proper registration of the order and the successful booking of hotel services.

4. RULES refusal of orders, change orders, OR REFUND CUSTOMER

4.1. The customer has the right at any time to refuse the order, in accordance with the cancellation period. To do this, call the office and inform policy, called the reservation number, the date of accommodation and the name of the guests, as well as to write a letter. If you canceled the room in accordance with the rules of the onset of penalties, you will be made refund in full. Cancellation, with the return of the customer is carried out if the customer is warned about the cancellation 3 days before the scheduled date of arrival. This late cancellation (less than 3 days before arrival) or no-show the hotel involves charging the customer the benefit of the Contractor penalty in the amount of the first nights accommodation specified in your reservation. If Customer makes Cancellation day of arrival, no refund.

4.2. When changes are made in the order relating to the essential terms of service (change of the property, the date of commencement or termination of services, etc.), these changes are considered to be new bookings for hotel services, the initial order is subject to cancellation. The date change or cancellation is the date the Contractor receives a corresponding written application of the Customer.

4.3. If a guest is in the hostel and paid less than the planned length of stay, payment for unused services is returned only if the guest has warned about it no later than 1 day prior to the scheduled date of departure. In other cases, no refund

4.4. To refund the customer must complete a "Statement on the return of funds", and send it along with a copy of the passport to the email address arthostels@mail.ru. The originals of the letters on the return of the passport and a copy is sent to the address: Ekaterinburg, Pereulok. University, Building 11, Suite 12. Refunds will be made to the bank account of the Customer, (from which the payment was made) said in a statement, within fourteen (14) working days from receipt of a "Statement on the return of funds" by the Company. Refunds can not be made to another person. The buyer has the right to ask all your questions by phone 8-343-382-90-90

4.5. To return the funds credited to the Company's account in error, by means of payment systems, customer must make a written statement and a copy of the passport and checks / receipts erroneously credited. This statement should be sent to the address: Ekaterinburg, per.Universitetsky 11, of 12 or electronically by e-mail arthostels@mail.ru Upon receipt of a written application along with a copy of the passport and receipts / receipt, the Company shall refund up to 14 (fourteen) working days of receipt of 3ayavleniya to the account of the customer, said in a statement. In this case, the refund will be equal to the value of the order.

4.6. Term of consideration of the application and refund the customer begins to run from the date of receipt by the Company Statements and calculated in working days, excluding holidays / weekends. If the application is received after 18.00 Companies working day or a holiday / weekend, moment of receipt of the application is considered the following business day.


5.1. Customer represents the interests of all the persons specified in the order and is personally liable to the Contractor for the right message in the application of their data, for the performance of all individuals of all obligations, including the obligation to pay for the order and penalty payment in case of non-provision of hotel services (including no-shows in hotel).

5.2. The Contractor shall not be liable in the event of non-performance or improper performance of services on its part or on the part of third parties arising out of the unreliability, failure or delay in confirming the information and documents provided by the Customer and arising as a result of other violations of the terms of this Offer by the Customer.

5.3. The Contractor shall not be liable in case of no-show, the Customer at the hotel on the first day of arrival and, as a result of this, perhaps not settling into a hotel.

5.4. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-compliance provided by the customer service expectations and subjective evaluation.

5.5. The Parties shall make every effort to reach agreement on controversial issues through negotiations. If unable to reach agreement in negotiations, the disputes shall be referred to the Arbitration Court of Moscow.

5.6. For all other matters not provided for in this Offer, shall be governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. All possible disputes arising from the provisions of the Offer shall be settled in the courts of the Russian Federation in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6. force majeure.

6.1. In the event of force majeure, which the party under this Agreement could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures, the period of performance of obligations under this Agreement is extended according to the time during which continue to apply such circumstances, without compensation of any losses.

6.1.2 These extraordinary events, in particular: flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, storm, land subsidence, and other natural phenomena, epidemics and war or military operations, actions and decisions of public authorities, disruptions arising in the telecommunications and energy networks, power surges, the action of malware, as well as the unscrupulous actions of third parties, expressed in actions aimed at unauthorized access and / or disabling software and / or hardware system of each Party. Act of terrorism. And other circumstances which led to the failure of the technical means of any of the parties to the contract.

6.2. The Party for which it became a situation where it was impossible to perform its obligations due to force majeure, is obliged to attack, presumably duration and termination of these circumstances immediately (but not later than five (5) working days) to notify in writing the other side.

6.3. In the event of a dispute about the time of onset, duration and end of the force majeure the competent body at the location of the Party will be the proper and sufficient proof of the beginning, duration and end of the specified circumstances.

6.4. Failure to notify or untimely notification of the parties of the beginning of the force majeure circumstances deprives it in the future the right to invoke them as a ground for exemption from liability for failure to perform its obligations hereunder.

6.5. If circumstances of force majeure and / or their effects continue for more than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, the Agreement may be terminated by either party by giving to the other written notice.


7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force from the beginning of the ordering customer and is valid indefinitely.

7.2. The customer has the right at any time to deny service to the Contractor. Disclaimer Customer entail termination in front of him all the duties of the Contractor from the date of such refusal.

7.3. Contractor shall be entitled to unilaterally, without giving reasons, terminate this Agreement.

7.4. The customer has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with the rules of cancellation. (Cancellation of the return flows for 3 nights)

7.5. Contractor has the right to change the terms of this Agreement and its Annexes, to introduce new annexes to this Agreement without notice. The customer knowing about the possibility of such changes, agree that they will be made. If the customer continues to use the services of the Contractor after such changes, it means his agreement with them.

8. Data Privacy

8.1. Customer guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by them for the purpose of booking hotel services.


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