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Hostel - what is it? 

Hostel - is a budget hotel. The main difference from big hotels is that the facilities in the hostels usually are on the floor. In addition, it is possible to remove not only a separate room, but also in multi-bed rooms. B & B - it's not just housing, but also a way of life, a unique and exciting atmosphere of ongoing dialogue. Our hostels in Yekaterinburg - the same fun and challenging as our European colleagues.


How to make a reservation? 

You can choose room and book directly on the site, through the convenient form of search and hotel booking. You can also book a room by phone, which is listed in the Contacts section. Another way - book by sending an e-mail, or through an official group VK.


What about Wi-Fi?

All our hostels have free high-speed Wi-Fi. Some rooms have a separate leased line Internet. In addition, the hostel has a computer for guests, through which you can also go online. You can also use them for free.


How to pay? 

There are, at least, three ways to do it. You can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer. Learn about all the ways of payment for our services and go directly to the payment, please visit the "Payment", or contact us.


Is there a possibility to check-in in the night?

Yes. We are open 24/7, so you can check-in anytime.


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